Tower A

Tower A is a melange of urban sophistication and architectural finesse that encapsulates the essence of modern living. The residential tower includes impressive luxury spaces that combine the essence of modern life with the true flavour of India.

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Tower B

Tower B is designed to global benchmarks and towering above the ordinary, despite its ultra-modern sophistication, it’s exotically Indian at heart, retaining traditional influences in its architectural style. It is a place that exudes elegance and elevates the concept of ‘Highliving’ to a whole new level.

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Tower H

Tower H is the residential phase that boasts of the tallest tower in Chennai with 45 floors. The towering structure is all set to alter the city’s skyline forever. Promising spectacular views of the vicinity, its magnificence redefines the entire notion of ‘Highliving’ and includes vibrant spaces designed for ultra-luxury living.

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