Written Testimonials
“I was born and brought up in the same Perambur region. When I saw the video of MOI, I was very happy and felt like I’m in china. It will definitely become a largest wholesale market in India. After 3 years, it will be a milestone for Indian wholesale market where people around the world will visit “
Mr. Devaraj
“This is my very big investment till now, feeling satisfied that I have chosen the right place for investment and looking forward to book more in various phases. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family for buying shops in MOI .Congratulations to SPR”
Mr.Abhishek Tiwari
“I’m a resident of Perambur and I feel proud for buying shop in MOI. I’m very sure that MOI will be a popular landmark in Chennai”
Mr. Suresh
“I was very impressed with their vision that I decided to buy a shop right away. I have spent most of my life in Sowcarpet and now I am going to be spending the rest of my life in Sowcarpet in SPR City. Fantastic job by SPR and I wish the team All the Best"
Mr. Hukmichand Shah
“I’m Latha and I have booked a shop in Ritchi street that is very popular for electronic goods. I was working for MNC’s and now planning to do a business and so I was searching for a right place to invest and came across MOI. Decided to invest as it gives wonderful opportunity to grow my business”
Mrs Latha
“The overall design that SPR is coming up with is quite impressive. A lot of attention has been paid to including garden areas, open spaces, sports courts, jogging areas, among others, that will foster a healthy and active lifestyle. The location is again the biggest benefit of living here, as right from school to a mall, everything is quite close by. I’m glad I made the decision to purchase an apartment here."
Mahaveer Bhora
“SPR City is a supertall residential skyscraper under construction in Chennai, India. It is located in Cooks Road, Perambur. Approximately 62 acres site of now defunct but historic Binny Mill. The site also houses a wholesale market which is world class and also a full-fledged mall."
Aman Yadav

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